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Polypropylene (PP) is the most popular thermoplastic in use today, and still one of the fastest growing. Demand for PP continues to grow thanks to its adaptability with fillers, its ability to mimic higher-priced engineering resin properties at lower cost and the possibility to downsize and thin-wall applications. Consumption is growing at 7.6%/year worldwide, with strongest demand coming from developing markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The utilisation of PP is growing in blow moulding, house wares, and in automotive bumper fascia. Metallocene catalyst technology is also expected to take it further. Moulding technologies include injection moulding, reaction injection moulding, blow moulding, rotational moulding and compression moulding.

Polypropylene is produced in both homopolymer and copolymer grades. Homopolymer polypropylene is stronger and stiffer than copolymer. Copolymer polypropylene is a bit softer, but it is tougher and more durable than homopolymer polypropylene.


Polypropylene can be processed by virtually all thermoplastic-processing methods. Most typically PP Products are manufactured by: Extrusion Blow Moulding, Injection Moulding, and General Purpose Extrusion. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) may be moulded in a specialist process. Auto parts, industrial fibres, food containers, and dishware

Recyled PP offers are below, "latest recycled PP" offers are at the bottom of the page:

1. High Quality PP from Malaysia

Description PP-1200 PP-1250 PP-1300 PP-1400 PP-1500
Structure Copo Copo Homo Copo Copo
Density (g/cm3) 0.91 0.92 0.91 0.91 0.92
ASTM D1238 Izod Impct (j/m) 90-100 80 35-40 118-121 66
Flammability    (UL 94)
Applications Automotive Parts/Industrial Appliances/Furnitures/Housware


Capacity 200 MT Per Month, Each Grade  
Packaging Net 25 Kg/Bag,16 MT (640 Bags in Loose Loading)/20' FCL

Prompt shipment from Port Klang, Malaysia upon receipt of payment


offer is subject to prior sale, MOQ 2 x 20' FCLs with one shipment, and final confirmation


2.  ExxonMobil APP LNX-299

Description: ExxonMobil APP LNX-299 (Atactic Polypropylene)
Form: Pellets
Application: Impact Modifier for PE/PP/HIPS/ABS Compounds
-Production of Waterproofing Coatings/Membranes,Modified Bitumen,
Masterbtach & HMA (Hot Melt Adhesives)
Origin :U.S.A.
Producer: ExxonMobil Chemical Company:
Capacity :100 MT/Month
Packaging :Net 17 Kg/Original Export Box,19.856 MT (1,168 Boxes)/40' FCL
Delivery :Prompt shipment from US Port upon receipt of payment
Remarks :This offer is subject to prior sale, MOQ 1 x 40' FCL per
shipment and final confirmation.

Date: 20th October 2011

3. Reprocessed PP Copolymer 

We regularly have Reprocessed PP Copolymer or Regranulated PP Copolymer as below:

Reprocessed PP Copolymer Blue - MFI 25/30
Reprocessed PP Copolymer Green - MFI - 20/30
Reprocessed PP Copolymer Terracota - MFI - 20/30
Reprocessed PP Copolymer Red - MFI - 20/30
Reprocessed PP Copolymer White - MFI - 20/30
Reprocessed PP Copolymer Graphite - MFI - 20/30
Reprocessed PP Copolymer Black - MFI - 10/20
Reprocessed PP Copolymer Black - MFI - 20/30
Reprocessed PP Copolymer Black - MFI - 30/40

Date: 04th November 2011

Recycled PP suitable for PP Mats, Ropes Household and Industrial applications:

Recycled PP White ReglarRecycled PP Yellow PremiumRecycled PP Blue RegularRecycled PP Violet Regular

We have other colours available in both Recyled PP PREMIUM as well as Recycled PP Regular grades

The above are generally available with us throughout the year(12th May, 2013)