vina - Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to cover some questions that normally cross a customer's mind. If you have further questions, please feel free to Email us, we will be glad to answer.

  • How do you monitor the quality at the component level ?
    Years of experience has taught us to source components only from manufacturers reputed to adhering to consistent quality norms, for example, we use FestoR / MercuryR Valves, YukenR Hydraulics. Extruder Screw and Barrel are made out of alloy steel and duly "nitrided". All the Tie Rods are ground finished and duly hard-chrome plated
  • Do your machines require a highly skilled labour force ?
    Our machines are designed for severe environments, where skilled labour is not readily available, while maintaining the quality. An operator friendly operating terminal allows to input and store various data like timings, temperatures etc. Parameters for each mould can be saved on the unit.
  • Do you offer any warranty on your machines? If yes, what is the warranty period ?
    Yes, we offer warranty for one year for any manufacturing defect (not applicable to electrical / electronic / hydraulic / pneumatic and other bought out items).
  • What accessories do you provide? Are they also under warranty ?
  • We provide all accessories like chiller, compressor, grinder, recycling plants, cooling tower etc. Yes, all the accessories bear a one year warranty, other terms same as point no. (3.) above.
  • What is your lead time for a machine and mould ?
    We normally deliver any size machine within two months, but 100 litres and above take 3 to 4 months. We also keep a stock of smaller machines which we can ship immediately upon documentary and financial clearances. Moulds can be shipped out in three weeks to 10 weeks, depending on our work load and the complexity of the mould.
  • What are your payment terms ?
    Our payment terms are 100% confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit at sight from a reputed bank, or 50% advance, balance upon final trial of the machine, before shipment.
  • What sort of after-sales support do you provide ?
    We believe our actual work starts post-sales. Normally in the first couple of years, customers are unlikely to face any problems. However, yearly or biyearly, depending on the number of installed machines, our service engineers visit the customer for monitoring the machine performance and any maintenance work required. If the customer reports a major malfunction, we depute an engineer immediately, but the to and tickets, lodging/boarding and local expenses are to be covered by the customer.
  • You supply recycled plastic raw material, which you recycle from scrap. How do you ensure that every lot is consistent ?
    This is where our experience comes in to play. But to put is plainly, we have been dealing with scrap dealers for a long time and have dependable channels established for obtaining consistent quality of scrap
  • What warranties do you offer on recycled raw material?
    We do not offer any warranty on recycled raw material.  This material is obtained from "scrap", hence, we cannot ascertain 100% attributes or nature of such material.  We however can guarantee that we sell the same material as the sample we provide.