vina - Let's Change the Future...

A wise use of plastics is the need of the hour.  Let us work towards spreading this word by adhering to certain principles and ethics of business, it is our basic corporate social responsibility.

  • Nylon is used in heart valves and hearing aids, helping us live longer
    and better lives.
  • Plastics are energy efficient. Only a fraction - just 4% of the world's oil is used to make plastic
  • Polycarbonate material is used in wind turbines helping to save and produce energy for our future
  • In the future, plastics will help us to use less water, energy and materials through the development of better, more sustainable products. The plastics industry is helping to develop these products that are essential to reduce our global footprint.
  • The vinyl polymer is more than 50% derived from salt, one of the most plentiful natural resources on earth.
  • Plastics - Materials for Our Future Space exploration, high speed communications, our health & safety, long-life products, capturing sunlight, water and harnessing wind power... the vital benefits of plastics in our lives... now and for our future