vina - Other Engineering Plastics

Here we have ABS, Nylon, POM, PBT.  The name "nylons" refers to the group of plastics known as polyamides.  Nylon is used in the production of film and fibre, but is also available as a moulding compound. ABS - Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene High-impact and chemical-resistant extruded or molded objects


Nylon fibres are used in textiles, fishing line and carpets. Nylon films is used for food packaging, offering toughness and low gas permeability, and coupled with its temperature resistance, for boil-in-the-bag food packaging.



We can supply nylon66-S1130SC scraps shaved from carpets as follows.
1. Product: 100% pure nylon66 scrap shaved from carpets.
2. Color: Natural colour(see the picture below).
3. Packing: Bales
4. Loading quantity in 40"FCL: 18 ton.
5. Quantity available per month: 200 ton.

Date: 21the October 2011