vina - Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate remains one of the fastest growing engineering plastics as new applications are defined; global demand for PC exceeds 1.5 million tons.  Transparency, excellent toughness, thermal stability and a very good dimensional stability make Polycarbonate (PC) one of the most widely used engineering thermoplastics. Compact discs, riot shields, vandal proof glazing, baby feeding bottles, electrical components, safety helmets and headlamp lenses are all typical applications for PC


PC finds usage in a host of markets, notably in the automotive, glazing, electronic, business machine, optical media, medical, lighting and appliance markets.

We are regularly buying Whole/Broken PC CD/DVD Scrap without Regrinds WITHOUT Cases / Packaging

1.) Is the scrap a mix of CD and DVD or just one of them?
2.) Is it metallized or non-metallized?
3.) Please send clear pictures of scrap not more than 1 MB in size, of the scrap loaded in bags and also of loading in a container
4.) We need clear pictures of the bags as well
5.) What will be the loading in a 1 x 20'FCL and 1 x 40' FCL and 1 x 40' FCL HQ
6.) Quantity available per month?
7.) Origin and port of loading?

Date: 20the October 2011