Why Us?

We very well understand just how hard it is to gain a customer and how easy it is to lose one.  We know that it takes years of hard work to build a reputation and seconds to lose it.  With every single day, more business are mushrooming up.  It is getting harder to business.  Although we have the Internet, we do not have the systems that can get us to the "right" supplier.  What is so different about us is our experience.  Every time you place an order for material or a machine or a mould, it is with the intentions of getting better quality at a lesser price than your competitors so that your costs are lower and quality higher.  Isn't this asking for too much? You are talking about succeeding with every order you place? That is a 100% success rate!

Now while that is too much to ask for, it is not unrealistic not to expect a very high success rate.  For a very high success rate you need experience, because experience is the only too, the only machine, the only raw material which can ameliorate your success rate.  We have the experience!

But then again, we are not mathematically perfect. We do make mistakes, we do goof-up sometimes, there are times that we may take more time to resolve an issue than we committed, but in the end, we are THERE!

  • Consistent quality, dependable delivery, knowledgeable sales force, in-depth R&D are just a few reasons why you can depend on us.
  • Zeal to know and understand you, your business and your needs.
  • Striving to establish a long-lasting relationship.
  • Unwavering devotion for customer satisfaction.
  • Know Us
  • One of the virtues of our staff is their unswerving support and devotion to vina, hence, believe it or not, zero employee turnover, assuring you of a consistent, one-to-one point of contact for years.
  • Short turn-around times.
  • Robust after-sales.