vina - How We Work

Product Selection /Quote
lhe first and foremost stage is identifying the right product or a solution.  Subsequent to this, we move to step 2.
Issuance of Quotation
We will send you a detailed quote based on our dialogues for your chosen product, so that you may review it and can still think about it before taking a final decision.
Issuance of Pro forma
Upon the acceptance of a quotation, we then issue a pro forma along with a sales contract to enable you to establish l/c or initiate a wire transfer.
Commence Work
The moment we receive your l/c or payment, we will inform you and start the work, this is the final stage, if at all you have any changes or additions or modifications to your order and if it falls under our scope, we will accept, provided it is within 24 hours of hearing of our payment acknowledgement.



No Changes Possible
No changes will be possible after stage 4. We will inform you of the various stages of development of your product / shipment.



Final Course
Once your product has been readied, you will be informed prior to shipment.  In case you want samples, we can arrange to send them.  As we work on low margins, we will be compelled to charge you for the freight.