vina - Linear Low Density Polyethylene

After LLDPE revenue in certain world regions fell by 20 to 30% in 2009, to a combined total of less than 17 billion (24 billion US-$), growth was witnessed in 2010. The Asia-Pacific region will continue to be the largest market and increase its share of global consumption to more than 50%. Industry in China will be the driving force of the LLDPE market. Even if past growth rates are not expected to be regained quickly, a dynamic development in the processing and production of LLDPE is anticpated. Alone in China capacity increases of roughly 2.7 million tons are planned by 2012. In the Middle East, LLDPE production is expected to grow at a rate of more than 9% per year. In contrast, Western Europe and North America are not likely to regain their peak production levels from 2008 by 2016.
LLDPE has higher tensile strength and higher impact and puncture resistance than does LDPE. It is very flexible and elongates under stress. It can be used to make thinner films, with better environmental stress cracking resistance. It has good resistance to chemicals. It has good electrical properties. However, it is not as easy to process as LDPE, has lower gloss, and narrower range for heat sealing.


LLDPE has penetrated almost all traditional markets for polyethylene; it is used for plastic bags and sheets (where it allows using lower thickness than comparable LDPE), plastic wrap, stretch wrap, pouches, toys, covers, lids, pipes, buckets and containers, covering of cables, geomembranes, and mainly flexible tubing.


1. LLDPE  Natural available

 posted on: 20th October 2011