vina - Recycled Is NOT Trash

There is a market that we had been working on for some time but only for machines and moulds.  We tried to "proselytize" recycled material but our efforts could not as much as budge the obstinacy of the market.  Like everything else in life, the situation had to change.  Competition broke the obstinate market and companies were possessed by the cost-reduction devil.   In this situation, processors began evaluating recycled material and expected it to be nothing more than 50% of of the value of virgin material, or less.  Driven by this belief, they first blundered by ordering material without testing the samples out.  When they corrected this folly and began testing the samples prior to ordering, they demanded a very low price which the ravenous recyclers (all are not ethical) accepted out of fear of losing business. 

But nobody sells at a loss.  Hence, these recyclers started cutting corners in the quality.  The market got flooded with such sub-standard material and these manufacturers were discouraged to the point that it took a while to convince these companies to try a high quality recycled material.  Then came in another setback.  These companies believed that PP was just one material.  As long as they said PP injection, their requirement was very specifically listed.  Now there were a couple of seasoned processors who got PP Copo and produced articles of lowest possible weight.  But these other guys went in for cheapest offer of PP which was PP Homopolymer and their products weren't strong as PP Copo and received lot of complaints in the market about breakage.  With this final blow, the market of recycled material is almost extinct in this region.

Please review our Material Selection Questionnaire in order to make the right choice.  A large amount of problems persist in the plastics industry due to the selection of wrong material.