vina - Recycled PET Egg Boxes

In response to extensive consumer research and industrial packing operation demand Ovotherm have developed a revolutionary new range of packaging for eggs made from 100% recycled PET called VISION.

Whilst minding environmental responsibility, this best fit for purpose packaging brings many benefits:

  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET (made from recycled bottles using advanced recycling processes to allowing that recycled material is once again suitable for food industry packaging)
  • The environmental impact of this packaging is the lowest of all in the market place. The carbon footprint of RPET egg packaging is 15% lower than pulp egg packs
  • 100% recyclable - check your local facilities
  • VISION is more than 10% lighter than typical traditional fibre packaging for eggs (meaning lower environmental impact as less fuel is required for transport)
  • The use of plastics rather than traditional cardboard means that 40% less lorries are on the road delivering packaging and 40% less warehouse space required
  • Plastics Egg packaging can significantly reduce the incidence of breakage and wastage by as much at 50%
  • Customers can see what they are buying and can inspect the quality of eggs without opening the packaging
  • Also, cashiers can inspect quality of eggs without opening packaging
  • Due to the innovative New Snaplock - Easy Opening mechanism the box features a more secure closure and ease of access to product
  • No fresh water is used in the production of Ovotherm egg packaging
  • Energy used in the production of Ovotherm packaging is 100% from renewable sources
  • Ovotherm have reduced the energy consumption used in production by 35% within the last 5 years
  • By Ovotherm implementing new ultra-hygienic outer-packaging for products a reduction of 57% emissions has been achieved